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There’s no such thing as bad media…or is there?

Charlie Sheen.

How often have you thought about him in the last month? I’m willing to bet (unless you were a crazy obsessed fan before he went off the deep end) that the answer surpasses the number of times you’ve thought about him in the past year. Or two years. Or more.

You may be thinking to yourself “Man, this guy is crazy” or “He is on drugs!” but the point is, you are thinking about him. Which, similar to Joaquin Phoenix‘s staged 2009 breakdown,  sets him up for a comeback.

I’m not saying he’s not crazy. But think of all the ways he’s already benefited from his craziness. Sure, he lost his show, but look what he gained:

Sheen now has more than two million Twitter followers. Hashtags taken from his quotes such as #TigerBlood, #winning are trending on Twitter, and it seems as if every 10 minutes he’s doing another TV interview.

I’m not saying the entire thing was planned. I’m just saying, if he was already in a bad place with his show’s producers and with the media and with his family, why not capitalize on it? Why not use his craziness to set him up for a giant comeback?

It will be interesting to see what happens next.

So, we are left with these questions: Is he faking the craziness? Does he have a strategy? What do YOU think?