Foursquare for squares?

You may have read my post several months back about by love for Foursquare  – specifically, its ability to let businesses reward loyal customers and to make it easy for people to suggest certain businesses to their friends.

For a while, I was an avid foursquare user – even after Facebook started its Places app in response to the quickly-growing tool.  After all, I was more interested in Foursquare as it pertained to businesses rather than just checking in somewhere so my friends could see.

However, after a recent trip to Cherry Berry on Brookside, I saw this sign located by the register [image to the right] and for me, Foursquare went up in smoke – and this article from PC World seems to agree.

Who cares about badges or the other gimmicky things Foursquare does for you? The real value is the ability to connect a brand or business to its customers, and it’s only a matter of time until Facebook organizes this system with it’s Places app and makes it easy for businesses to track (and reward) those who check in to their location.)

As a user, I am already comfortable with Facebook and use it for multiple purposes on-the-go, so checking in using Places is far easier than pulling up a whole new program.

Facebook, is there anything you won’t do?

And my lovely blog readers – which do you prefer? Do you see much value in Foursquare over Facebook Places? Please, let me know what you think!




One response to this post.

  1. I love all the geolocation apps, but I’m using Gowalla these days b/c it checks me in to Foursquare, Gowalla, and Places with one click. If I’m interested in Deals, I’ll check Places of Foursquare individually.

    Have you tried out Facebook’s loyalty Deals? Those track and reward regular check-ins. Businesses can set up a Loyalty Deal and each time a user checks in, they earn their way to a reward. Of course, it would be infinitely handy to be able to track those check-ins via Insights.

    When G+ rolls out the biz pages in a few months, it will be interesting to see if they’ll also unveil a geolocation tool. With the power of Google Analytics behind something like that, I can see some possibilities.


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