My Own Client: Me

I was reading an article on PR Careers by Meg Handley of US News & World Report when I came across this sentence that really stuck out to me:

“The interesting thing about public relations is that every public relations professional is almost a brand unto themselves,” says Gary McCormick, 2010 chair and CEO of the Public Relations Society of America.

This is a basic concept that we learn in college but I think sometimes forget, I think–  especially entry level professionals, like me, who are working so hard at their companies that they might forget to make time to develop their own relationships, to build their own brand.

And, of course, building your brand will benefit you and also your company. It’s a win-win.

The author reminds PR professionals to “make yourself your own client.”

She says, “Start building a network of people in the industry through informational interviews and other career-related events.’First and foremost, it comes down to networking,’ says McCormick. ‘It’s really the cornerstone for what we do for clients and companies all the time.'”

I pledge to make more of an effort to treat myself like I’m my own client. In fact, I’ll go ahead and make that my New Year’s Resolution– you can make those in December, right?




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