The Face of PR

The International Association of Business Communicators (which is an awesome group that I plan to join officially as soon as I make some more cash) inspired me today with its newsletter.

Steve Higgins, president of IABC/Tulsa, was kind enough to summarize what he heard at the recent IABC World Conference. One of the points was this:

•    The role of the business communicator is changing. The transition of the communicator from tactician to strategist is nothing new. But the preponderance of new media is making our role even more critical – and visible – than ever. Podcasts, internal video reporting and blogs are moving communicators out of the shadows of anonymity to a more front-and-center role in their organizations.

What does this mean to companies? To PR practitioners? To PR students?

We not only have to dress fashionably and ultrawhiten our smiles, but we also have to makeover our Facebooks, our blogs, etc.

Who we are now, more than ever reflects what we do and the people we represent. Now we must

live by example. We must manage our own reputations just as much as we manage those of our clients.

So, is this a good thing or a bad thing? It’s definitely a hassle, but is it worth it?


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