Removing the Mask

In every job I’ve had, a superior has given me the schpeel upon my hire that employees are “representatives” of their company, and what they do and say reflect the company.

I’ve taken that to heart– especially since I began my study of PR, which is essentially based on that principle.

PR people especially are trained to constantly work to build their reputations, as what’s good for it is good for business.

So why not use social media to do the same?

People seem to know they want their companies to have social media accounts– but they are often too afraid of misrepresenting their companies to actually post anything interesting. So, they share boring stuff on their company accounts, and the interesting, good stuff goes on their personal accounts.

Why can’t the two overlap a little more? Is there too much red tape to get comments “approved” by company decision-makers before they are posted? Are people too afraid that expressing personal opinions on will offend some audiences?

A local public relations firm last year hired a new media director, who continued tweeting all the interesting things that show his expertise from his personal count, and posting only client and company news on the company account.

I never understood this.

After a year, I just read a tweet from this new media director’s personal account that said most of his tweets on PR, tech, and social media will be done from his work account now.


Why did it take so long for them to figure this out?

What do you think? Why don’t businesses tweet/post interesting updates? What is holding them back? What could a company social media policy have to do with it?


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