Please, Twitter, make it stop!

OK, no one likes blogs that rant- unless the ranting is really funny, really useful, or both. Hopefully someone will find this useful, because companies’ misuse of Twitter has to stop!

I’ve always been interested in using social networking/media to reach target audiences for marketing/PR purposes but I noticed that no matter how many businesses jump on the bandwagon with Twitter and Facebook, hardly any of them are utilizing these tools in a very beneficial way. And frankly, it’s annoying.

First, you have the companies with less than 50 followers who just don’t seem to know what to post about. No one really cares that they’re on Twitter.

Then there are the really annoying ones- the ones who inspired this post- those big companies/CEOs that are super excited about the potential that micro-blogging has to give them more clients, more connections– so they follow thousands of people, use software to trick thousands of people into following them, and then update constantly about what their company can do for you.

Most likely, if you DM them, they will send you back some automated response about lowering your mortgage or whatnot with a link to a 10-minute instructional video.

These people need to realize that it’s a give and take relationship! They are trying to make it all about them and their company, and honestly, I couldn’t care less. If I wanted to know everything about their business, I would call and ask.

Them force-feeding it to me makes me never want to hear about it again. It’s a tragedy, actually, that they had such high hopes and won’t be able to figure out where they went wrong. They’ll think, I did the research- this social media stuff is supposed to work! I’ve got lots of followers, I post constantly, and I respond to every message. I’m seeing no ROI! I don’t get it!

Sorry folks, it’s not that simple. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have if they can’t hold a real conversation with you. It doesn’t matter how many times you post if people are writing you off as spam. It doesn’t matter how much advertising you do if that’s all you do.

How about showing followers– who are actually people who can give/receive valuable information from you– who you are as a company. Show them how to donate to the same charity you help. Show them how you are involved in different areas of your community. Ask them for their opinions. Share with them what makes your business special, and ask about theirs. Make a joke. Share an article you read related to your field that they might find interesting.

Develop relationships with people who are your target audiences. Then, when they need your help, they will ask. Trust me. They will come to you because they know your business and what it’s about. They know and trust you. They like you.

Think of it as a popularity contest. You can’t just tell the whole world “I’m popular! See how many friends I’ve got? Vote for me! Vote for me vote for me vote for me!” You have to get to know someone, let them get to know you, build a relationship with them, then their friends, and their friends, and so on. Then, when it’s time for prom, you’ve already been voted King. Or Queen.

And, for the love of Pete, STOP advertising software that will get me 10 thousand followers per day. Just because you failed to properly utilize social media does not mean I’m going to make the same mistake!


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