A wiki-wiki wik, wiki-wiki wik…

In class we talked about how to build a wiki. I found the video Wikis in Plain English extremely helpful- even though I had used a wiki a little before, I wasn’t sure on how it worked.

I didn’t know that any member of the wiki group could edit what appears on the page.

Wikis seem most effective for group event planning. As a student, the way group planning appears in my life has to do with classes- studying for tests, asking questions on homework, planning projects, etc.

Really, I’m wondering why wikis are not developed for each class at the start of the semester as a regular practice. I guess because most students are not familiar with them yet. We can change this.

Step 1. Education- I think we, the social media students should spread the knowledge about wikis- at least around the JB building- and encourage students to start these Web pages by showing them how useful they can be. I mean, we’ve got advertising and PR students. We’re good at campaigns like this, right?

Step 2. Designate. Who should start the class wikis? I’m afraid that, left up to the students, the bystander effect would take place and, assuming someone else will do it, no one will take it upon themselves to get the job done. I think instructors should therefore start the sites and talk about them in class, but that the students should keep them up.

Step 3. I’m hoping this is where the wikis will take off on their own, after everyone realizes how useful they are. Of course, a group of students has to be engaged in order to keep the site going.

My hope is that student interaction will improve both outside and inside the classroom as a result of having a distinct place to go to ask questions, get and post notes, and form study groups. If student interaction increases, so will performance, and that’s good for the students, instructors, the JB school, and OSU. And parents of students. Etc. etc.

With widespread wikis, we all win!
(How’s that for alliteration? Being snowed in must really be getting to my head…)


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