JB Communications Networking Expo

The Networking Expo was a huge success! We didn’t have a great number of employers show up, but we had a decent turnout and tons of students came through. And might I add, they looked very snazzy! We got a lot of positive feedback about the format of the event- I think employers and students preferred the relaxed atmosphere of mingling to the stuffy booth setup of most career-fair-type events.

I am so proud that the AWC put this thing together. It turned out great, and next year it will be even better!

My three favorite parts of the day had to be:

1. When I was told that our setup was way cooler than the one at OU, and that they should start taking tips from us.

2. When STF intern Blake Loepp said he wished OSU would have had this event before he graduated.

3. When reps from News 9 and News 6 said they had never been thanked so much at an event like this, and that someone must have told the students to say it. Way to go, Bill. It made me laugh a lot!

Really, though, I am truly grateful to every employer and every student who showed up. Thanks for showing your support, and I hope the contacts you met will help you later in life!

Go pokes!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Allison –I agree, the format of the event was great. I think it made everyone more relaxed…positive atmospheres tend to do that (cough cough, sorry ou, cough).


  2. Awesome comments… Doesn’t that just make you happy to know that so many people seemed to enjoy it? And #1 is wickedly nice.


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