Gee, thanks Aunt Bea!

In class on Friday we created our own networking group, Socially Orange, using Ning.

It’s what we’re calling “Our Mayberry”- our own little town where we all share some common interests- and others can join or not join, or observe, or just keep walking. It’s going to be a nice little- or maybe even big- community.

I was surprised by how easy- and inexpensive- it is to create such and interactive Web site.

And people actually get paid to make sites like this? That rocks (if you’re the person getting paid…)!

It got me wondering just how many different “Mayberrys” are out there…and how many there WILL be….and all the crazy things they will be about…and I’m wondering what the future of the Web will be like. It’s going to be nuts. Somebody is going to have to find a way to help us navigate all these Mayberrys, and how to organize and simplify all the gobbledygook out there. And that person is going to make a lot of money.


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  1. I think this whole thing is awesome and it was so easy to create. When Bill said that he gets paid to make Web sites, I was shocked. It’s crazy someone gets paid to do something so easy.

    I haven’t thought about how many “Mayberrys,” there will be, but that got me to thinking..i’m sure in the future, well not even the future, but a short time from now there will be many..who knows what these “Mayberrys,” will even look like.

    Hopefully, someone will pay me to create a “Mayberry,” for them! = )


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