And the thunder rolls

I heard the voice again today, loud and clear- like a thunder clap that both startled and relieved me. 

I was in the middle of Modern French Theater class, and I realized I hadn’t had a chance to read any of the material yet, and I would not have a chance to later. And the midterm is approaching. And I’m lost. And tired.

And I can’t focus because I’m too worried about making-up-the-points-I-missed-in-Media-Law-on-Monday-when-I- had-to-skip-because-I-was-sick-AGAIN and-worrying-about-the-test-I-have-in-Microbes-on-Monday-because-I-am -not-a-science-person-and-worrying-about-writing-THIS-blog-and-wondering-how-in-the-world-I’m-going-to-have- time-to-get-my-bangs-trimmed-because-they-are-always-in-my-eyes-and and and and and and AAGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

And that’s when the rain clouds starting rolling in, speeding up as they approached. And the room went dark and the rain started to fall and I forced the tears back because I was not about to cry in the middle of French class- and there came the voice- “Allison, something has GOT to give.” 

I didn’t want to have to drop a class, but 21 hours is just too much for me to handle when I’m trying to give my all to every class, work project, and group. There’s just not enough to go around. 

So here are some tips and information I collected that calm me down and will hopefully do the same for others out there getting lost in the storm: 

1. Be preventative. Don’t take 21 hours and work every day if you want to get good grades and/or have a life.

2. Prepare for the worst. If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed, cut some things from your schedule. Stay home. Take a bubble bath. Do Yoga. 

3. Take shelter. Call mom, dad, best friend, boyfriend- whoever those people are who you rely on to listen to you and remind you that you can do anything, and that taking care of yourself is what’s most important. 

4. Dance in the rain. Crying can be very cathartic. It releases all that tension and bad energy that stress creates inside you that you might not even realize was there.

5. Get some air. Breathe in. Breathe out.  

6. Repair damages. Cheer up. Listen to happy music. Clean your living space to start over. Reorganize. Schedules seem crazier and demands seem more outrageous when they are floating around in your head without a place to live. Write everything on a calendar. And if needed, give something up. (Like a French class that you may not really need…)

WebMD provides some really good information about stress management including an interactive tool to help you gauge your stress level: 


Hope this helps somebody, 




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