People can do this for a living?

I think it’s pretty crazy that people can make a living by writing blogs. This is a writer’s dream come true! That I can sit here in my bed, watching Jon and Kate Plus 8, wearing an old sweatshirt and stretchy pants, and do what I love- communicate through the written word- is amazing! I am my own publisher! Well, me and the wonderful people of 

In social media class the other day we watched a video clip of a speech by Gary Vaynerchuk, star and creator of Wine Library TV. The idea that one guy with a little shop in NJ can create his own success simply by keeping up with a Vlog about his topic of interest- it’s awesome! It blows my mind! It makes me wish I had some random hobby that I was an expert about- like dog grooming or model car builing or ferret farming. 

I guess I can try to be all Chris Brogan or Brian Solis and become an expert on new media and how it relates to marketing/PR…but I’ve still got a LOT to learn.


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