Tuesday, January 20, 2009



Today, we made history. Yes, a young, mixed guy is our president. That’s awesome. However, I think the some other significance of this new presidency is being overlooked.  

Take a look at the White House Homepage. There is apresidential blog. Every cabinet member is listed front and center next to a list of what topics they are going to talk about at the first Oval Office meeting.
Obama posts on Twitter. Yesterday he told me to go help my community on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Then he gave me links with resources about how to find events in my area to help with. 
The days of not knowing what is going on in Washington- of secrets, scandals, Wall Street elite- those days are gone. Transparency is king. We, the people are fed up with being left out. We’re done with cleaning up after the upper class’s messes. We’re pissed off, and we won’t let it happen again. 
With today’s tools- i.e. the Internet and social media- there is absolutely no reason for us to feel left out and helpless about our government again. The world is already changed. Two-way communication has just been made easier between the common person and the legislators. 
I have high hopes for this presidency, but no matter what happens, presidency will never be the same. We will no longer accept ignorance. We need to know who we can trust, and the only way to know that is through complete transparency. Thanks, Barack. 

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